• 1957 Date of foundation. The company produces mostly pieces for motorcycles. The seat is in Torino.

  • 1960 The production extends to cars, subcontracting with Tecnogomma d’Agostino, (later Saiag) and with Magic Paglieri (later Saiag).   Most important production are brakes gaskets. 1964 Transfer of the production in Moncalieri. Extension of production toadhesion metal-rubber for silent-block. Production of a proper line of spare parts for Piaggio and Fiat .

  • 1974 Transformation of the company from individual to s.n.c., with entering of present partners .

  • 1976 Beginning of technological transformation with injection moulding.

  • 1977 and following years: extension of production to parts for house hold appliance, for informatics, coffee machines, etc..

  • 1980 Moulding of filters seals (Gilardini).

  • 1990 Beginning of weekly quality training meetings, 1990 First edition of quality revue (Obiettivo Qualità).

  • 1992 January : first manual of Quality.

  • 1994 Beginning of production of hoses and blow-by for air ducts, purchasing of big tonnage presses

  • 1996 Extension of productive spaces .

  • 1997 ISO 9002 certification. 1998 ISO 14001 certification.

  • 1999 New important Italian and foreigner customers for air duct gaskets. development with Magneti Marelli- Contitech and Bayer of HNBR com pound for the air intake manifold gaskets

  • 2000 AVSQ ‘94 certification

  • 2001 Development of the market of rubber hoses for air duct systems Beginning of expansion in foreign markets (MGI COUTIER MECAPLAST,GREINER, ...)

  • 2003 Involving in the project “FROM CONCEPT TO CAR” in a selection of 150 companies of excellence from over 1500 candidacies of the automotive sector of Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta. ISO/TS 16949 certification.

  • 2010 Beginning of OHSAS certification CONTINUOUS TRAINING OF ALL THE STAFF

  • 2011 Visual control machine for aesthetical and dimensional characteristics of joints and cutting machine

  • 2012 Full internal production cycle (molding, post curing, cutting and checks by visual control machine) of the joints. Objective zero defects. New ecological cooling equipment for the machines, with recovery circuit of hot air for the Plant heating

  • 2013 Improvement of the visual control machine, suitable for joints with bigger dimensions

  • 2014 Trade expansion to the U.S.A., China, Est Europe markets

  • 2016 Renewall Laboratory equipment


StradaCarignano 46/10 10024 Moncalieri (TO) Italy


T: +39-011.6829149

F: +39-011.6829133